Weblog:   Two Interesting Points of View on Dashboard
Subject:   Current Debate Raises Questions
Date:   2004-07-01 04:21:28
From:   dscotson
Response to: Current Debate Raises Questions

SoundJam was marketed by Cassady & Greene but developed by an Apple employee in his spare time before being brought under Apple's banner. He is apparently now in charge of Apple's music related software development.

Final Cut Pro started at Macromedia, with a team lead by an ex-Adobe employee before being bought by Apple.

Apple also recently bought the Flurry screensaver from a student.

But I'm with John Gruber (Daring Fireball) on this and personally think Konfabulator, LiteSwitch X and Watson's creators were mainly kicking up a fuss to create publicity and expressing sour grapes rather than because they had a genuine claim on Apple.