PBTOMAKE -- Xcode to Unix
Subject:   Thank you and question...
Date:   2004-07-02 08:31:17
From:   iManu
First, thank you, this really is helpful.
Second, I have a question.
The start is that I'm a beginner in C, and I just had a lecture on a PC on C programming. I already program in Fortran (yes, I'm THAT old...;-)
I was able to build all examples on my TiBook, except for an exercise where we had to build a dynamic library, because I don't know what to put in the makefile.
I can build a C dynamic lybrary with Xcode, though, so I was able to complete the exercise, but I wanted to find the correct options for a very basic dynamic library (and put that in the makefile).
This is why I tried PBTOMAKE.
Trouble is that the output makefile doesn't 'realize' that the goal is to build a dynamic library.
Is it because PBTOMAKE isn't meant to do that, or did I do something wrong?
My project is very simple, with only a .c and a .h file, and the xcode project give a functional .dylib file, so it seems to work from the Xcode side...

Thanks for your time :)