Implementing Custom Data Bindable Classes: CollectionBase
Subject:   Using objects with more than 1 property
Date:   2004-07-05 21:45:29
From:   dwfresh
This is a great article, however, if I had a products class with 10 properties, and wanted to allow a user to sort on any property, would I have to write 10 different 'AscendingNameSorter' type classes?
ie: AscendingTypeSorter, AscendingManufacturerSorter, etc.

private class AscendingNameSorter : IComparer
public int Compare(Object x, Object y)
Products.Product p1 = (Products.Product)x;
IComparable ic1 = (IComparable)p1.Name;

Products.Product p2 = (Products.Product)y;
IComparable ic2 = (IComparable)p2.Name;

return ic1.CompareTo(ic2);

So just write 10 different classes just like this one for each property.
I know there is a much better way, but would love to hear an answer from an expert!



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