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Subject:   Moscow
Date:   2004-07-07 03:51:32
From:   Trackback from anonymous2
This is what I woke up to. The Russian media are all over the hostage taking. Stating the obvious, Moscow is in shock. A female hostage has been killed. One of the things the Russian media is focusing on is foreign hostages in the hope that the world will pay attention. Three Britons are reported to be among the hostages, along with seven Germans, four Americans, two Canadians, two Austrians and two Dutch citizens. Ambassadors from several countries are now at the scene. I wonder if the cold war is still going on inside western heads. Russia has been soundly criticized for re-engaging in war with Muslim rebels. Bombing and kidnappings are the modus operandi of Chechna rebels, and 300 people have died in the past few years. Russian military have been ruthless in it's two military engagements in the region. Up to this point, many western media have called the Chechans freedom fighters. On Google News at this moment, the Moscow story is at the top with 638 related, and some more US outlets. The sniper capture has 826 related. 700 innocent people are inside that theatre. This could have been Britian, Europe, Australia, Canada, the US. Right now...