Unix Gems for Mac OS X
Subject:   Little to do with Mac OS X
Date:   2004-07-08 01:09:04
From:   sanchonevesgraca
I think most Mac OS X users, including developers, will find the programs you outlined rather outdated, and certainly having little to do with Mac OS X. Users and developers of Mac OS X use the BSD core, but expect a modern interface and modern connectivity options. There are quite a few layers on top of the Darwin kernel, for a myriad of concerns. There are indeed GNU programs that are gems. But I would not rate as gems screen (the window management of Apple Terminal is very good), remind (compare with Apple iCal), bc and GNUPlot (compare with Matlab, Mathematica or lighter alternatives). While these programs have their value, they are not really Mac OS X applications from a user point of view. For that, they would have to be wrapped with one or more of Carbon, Cocoa, WebKit, Dashboard, etc, with particular attention to user interaction.

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    • Maybe not for everyone, but...
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