A Brief Introduction to GPS Photo Linking
Subject:   Tokyo Picturesque
Date:   2004-07-08 07:47:57
From:   chriskk
In the land of the keitai (Mobile phone in Japanese) we have a carrier, AU, which sells GPS enabled mobiles to everyday consumers for use in Location Based Services such as city guides/navigation systems. The keitai I use is by Casio ( in Japanese), and it's a 2Megapixel GPS enabled unit. After taking a photo there is an option to grab your coordinates, and this information is stored in the JPEG as EXIF metadata. Now you can attach this to an email and shoot it off to a server for some fun.

A project called Tokyo Picturesque accomplishes this, and similar to the GPS Photo Linking project described in this article, maps these photos to a 2D map.


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