Working with Tables: Writing an Address Book Application
Subject:   before closing shop in IB
Date:   2001-08-13 15:20:33
From:   psheldon
I saw a paragraph that sort of phased me . I think the statement "Interface builder has provisions for connecting a table view to a data sourrce object ..." covers tersely something profound . The next paragraph uses a spaced compound word, "data source" which is not the same thing as datasource and says data source is in the Controller . I think Apple oop pascal had a menagerie of distinctions of being in, belonging to, etc.
I know I am going to take a tumble about my confusion later, maybe three articles from now, if I don't try to struggle to say my confusion now . This is embarrassing probably naive question .
Where is an outlet :
where it comes from or
where it is connected to ?

I'm going to sweat a bit and stick my neck out .
How can we carefully say where an outlet is ? I think it might be wise to say, place an outlet from NSTableView to provide a hookup in controller . Or maybe we might say, though an outlet is owned by NSTableView because the info and wire comes from there, the outlet is "in" where it is needed for information . But, there is something else, where it is needed as something to send messages with, messages to the NSTableView! So, though NSTableView has the datasource, Controller is the data source.
I think I got it. Reading on!

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