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Subject:   before closing shop in IB
Date:   2001-08-13 15:35:49
From:   mikebeam
Response to: before closing shop in IB

In general outlets are instance variables in a class that point to other objects and let use access those objects they point to. Like in Controller we created all the outlets that let us send messages to the text fields, for instance.

Now in NSTableView, the implementors of that class--the folks over at apple--created several outlets in NSTableView that the code of NSTableView uses to send messages to other objects. One of these outlets is called dataSource, and it is used to send messages to a data source object (two words). What we did is to make a connection between Controller, and the dataSource outlet in NSTableView. Does that help? If you have any more questions don't sweat sticking your head out; you can always send me an email too if you like. Good luck!

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  1. before closing shop in IB
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