How to Write a Basic Gtk# Program with Mono
Subject:   Uhhh... riiiiight.
Date:   2004-07-09 08:25:18
From:   xeroply
When trying to compile I am stuck at:

Mono.exe - Entry Point Not Found: The procedure entry point libiconv_set_relocation_prefix could not be located in the dynamic link library iconv.dll.

I followed the "instructions" on as much as I could (and I'd just like to say, this is THE WORST "beginner's guide" I have ever seen. A bunch of people going back and forth wiki-style on how they can't get this thing to work, and all these workarounds to try depending on which of 87 versions you might have downloaded, is a pretty poor excuse for a guide of any kind.)

I figured out (I think) that GTK# or GTK+ must not installed correctly. I ran the GTK+ installer here: and the GTK# installer here: (Apparently there's no Win32 installer yet for GTK# 1.0 and I'm not about to install cygwin just to build it from source.)

Obviously I'm an amateur, but until this stuff is as easy for us amatuers as Visual Studio, it't not going to gain much traction among the Windows crowd.

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