Working with Tables: Writing an Address Book Application
Subject:   Error Messages
Date:   2001-08-13 21:46:08
From:   johnts
Thanks for this article - I just happen to be trying to figure out tables! I had a couple of errors. Firstly, when I went to build it for the first time, it was complaining that the class didn't implement the createRecord method, even though it was there. I ended up quitting from Project Builder and reloading and it built fine.

Now the runtime errors. I've seen the first one below when I've deleted a record, either one or many. Doesn't happen every time. The second one happens if you select multiple rows and include the last row:

Aug 14 00:39:30 AddressBook[549] _windowDeviceRound: error creating graphics ctxt object for ctxt:77175, window:-1
Aug 14 00:39:30 AddressBook[549] *** -[NSCFArray objectAtIndex:]: index (3) beyond bounds (3)

Then strange things happen. When I then add a couple rows, then delete one one, the whole table is removed!

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