Unix Gems for Mac OS X
Subject:   Maybe not for everyone, but...
Date:   2004-07-10 14:17:20
From:   tomsax
Response to: Little to do with Mac OS X

I've been a rabid Mac user and developer since 1984. I had been exposed to the Unix command line a few times, first using the Manx C compiler on a "fat Mac" in 1985. While I wouldn't trade the Mac GUI for anything else, I find the command line to be a nice addition to the graphical UI. I for one am always interested in learning how to be more productive by using the CLI for things it does well.

I enjoyed reading about each of these programs, please show us more.

That said, I'm zero for two so far.

Screen doesn't work quite as described: Ctrl-a does not bring up the list of windows. Also, Cmd-K (clear scrollback) doesn't work in a screen session. I use bask, maybe it works better with tcsh.

I downloaded remind and was able to configure and build it, but the install failed (even using sudo or su) until I manually created /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/man.

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  1. Maybe not for everyone, but...
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