Building a PHP Front Controller
Subject:   Not really seeing the point...
Date:   2004-07-11 15:00:02
From:   ionrock
I am not sure I totally understand the use here. I have made sites using a index page that accepts all the requests but I always find myself feeling as though there are just too many includes and it gets out of control very quickly as options are created. Is this method a solution for this kind of thing?

I have been making an attempt to use a factory method for frontend logic in hopes of reducing the complexity some but it still has felt a bit overwhelming. I could just be thinking that these kinds of things should be avoidable by talented programming when in fact it is inevitable that mundane complexity will come with large projects. In any sense I did enjoy the article and the solution did seem very effective for some cms type uses. Thanks!

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  1. Not really seeing the point...
    2004-07-13 09:02:58  Q Ethan McCallum | O'Reilly Author [View]

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