Java vs. .NET Security, Part 3
Subject:   What is it that ".NET lacks completely"?
Date:   2004-07-12 09:44:01
From:   dpiliptchouk
Response to: What is it that ".NET lacks completely"?

Ray, your comments are indeed based on misunderstaning:

1. Remember the overall context where the command-line parameters mentioned? I talk about overriding default poilicy by passing cmd-line parameters for SECURITY POLICY files, not general "parameters". See also my reply to your comment on the first article to understand the issue.

2. First: a hierarchy of web.config files is applicable to Web applications only. Secondly: again, we're talking about SECURITY POLICY files here, not general configuration. Lastly: anything can be built or added - it's important that Java provides this capability out-of-the-box.
Configuration features in .NET are quite limited, and to provide any meaningful hierarchy, one'd have to do quite a lot of programming (Just for the record - I've gone through this first-hand, so I know what I'm talking about).

3. I'm not sure what you objection was in this item.

4. Again - both platforms provide this CAS feature, I never denied this.

Please, if there's more misunderstanding, send me a message directly - this is not really a public forum to exchange ideas or clear questions.


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