LDAP in Mac OS X Server
Subject:   Problem with LDAPv3 on OSX Server 10.2.8
Date:   2004-07-14 12:44:23
From:   ChHoney
Hi experts!

I get stuck in trying to configure LDAPv3 for remote authentication.

We are running an X-Serve with OSX Server 10.2.8 and about 10 iMac Clients with OSX 10.3.4
The server runs a "Password Server" and was configured with Open Directory Assistant for LDAP use. I used Directory Access on the server to configure the LDAP service and set the servers IP as the LDAP host. I did the same Directory Access setup for a client that can log in the server (the server is visible in the client).
In Directory Access > Authentication I set the Search method to Custom in both the server and the client and chose added the share points: /LDAPv3/IP-of-Server for the client and the server. Those were both available after setting up LDAP in Directory Access.
Then I created a user account on the server in the LDAPv3/IP-of-Server folder. First I could log in the client with that account, but first I had to change something in the Attribute-mapping of either the servers or the clients LDAP-setup in Directory Access. Then, when I wanted to create new users there poped up a message that some Attributes are not mapped. Which mapping do I have to chose?
A configuration paper from MIT used "Custom" but there is also "Open Directory" and "From Server". I don't know how to deal with this attribute mapping. Maybe I did something wrong there. Anyway, it doesn't work any more and I am sitting here for hours trying to find out what I am doing wrong.

Can you please help me?


(student from Osnabrück, Germany)