Inside SSH, Part 1
Subject:   SSH secured AFP vs command line SSH
Date:   2004-07-14 13:01:48
From:   Gabriel_deKadt
I find connecting to a remote server with any flavour of AFP from a Panther client a real waste of time. There's the obvious hit waiting for icons to load (.DS_Store files can be a real pain) but then the problems with the Finder clogging up with knock-on to file system dialogues within applications make it a real no-no for me. I've learnt some basic shell stuff just to get round this poor performance and am reaping rewards. I now connect with SSH via the Terminal and use RsyncX (great stuff), Stuffit Deluxe's command line tool and scp. I'm now, if not ecstatic, then at least happy and productive in a resource fork and meta data friendly stylee.

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  1. SSH secured AFP vs command line SSH
    2004-07-14 13:06:31  Gabriel_deKadt [View]

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