Macworld Boston 2004: Brains Over Beauty
Subject:   MacWorld Boston
Date:   2004-07-14 19:37:55
From:   joeboo
Nice to read an article that tells it like it is instead of the constant show bashing seen elsewhere. I attended MWBOS yesterday and today. While it would be a disappointment for anyone accustomed to running up and down the isles stuffing their bag with feebies, I had a great time. I actually spent more time talking to exhibitors this year than any I recall in years past.

I think the only people who missed out not attending MWBOS were the exhibitors who decided not to show up because Apple wasn't there. As someone else said in another forum, "The ones who lost out were the vendors who decided not to attend. Users buy their products, not Apple!" I couldn't agree more. I already know what Apple has to offer. I go to MWExpos to see what exhibitors have to offer me as a Mac user. Sad that vendors didn't see it that way. No matter. I had a great time and IDG can count on me attending next years Boston event as well.

Thanks again for your well reasoned and responsible reporting!

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