Macworld Boston 2004: Brains Over Beauty
Subject:   RE: MacWorld Boston
Date:   2004-07-14 20:44:21
From:   derrick
Response to: MacWorld Boston

After a second full day at the show, I'm more impressed than ever with this Boston crowd. As a speaker, I had fantastic attendance in all three sessions I led today. The Digi Photo Hacks class was standing room only in a big room. Participants were enthusiastic and very engaged. I even had over 40 people show up for my digital photography BoF that didn't start until 6 pm. I am very impressed with these folks energy.

At our O'Reilly booth, I sold out of Digi Photo Hacks and Digi Photo Pocket Guide the first day. Attendees are willing to spend money on things they find interesting. IMHO, vendors who backed out left lots of money on the table.