The End of Innovation?
Subject:   Lessig's argument is flawed
Date:   2001-08-14 17:57:43
From:   moropeza
Response to: Lessig's argument is flawed

Perhaps Lessig overstated his case using the guns and copy machine analogy. However, CrayHorse says, "Napster is only used to help people steal music without paying for it." I have bought at least 10 copies of my favorite album. Six were in LP form, two in Compact Cassette, and two in CD. Each time, I purchased a new copy to replace a worn or lost older copy. When I download music from that album, who is being ripped off?

If I had been able to make a perfect copy of my LP or CD, I probably would have kept it safe, and used it when my copy became worn. That I downloaded a song on the album from Napster instead of buying yet another copy does not mean I am stealing it.