The Cocoa Controller Layer
Subject:   What about "separate" data
Date:   2004-07-17 08:28:32
From:   swoodnj
Forgive me if I'm missing something...I got excited when learning about the bindings, I've been working on an extensive database app and have been writing lots of glue code. I understand the concepts and have a demo or two working, but I don't understand how I can use this with external data, in my case a postgresql database. Let's say I bind an Add button to add:, how can I grab the data for my own use? Am I missing something obvious here? I can see where it might be useful with a document based app and NSCoder, but not for my purposes...

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  1. What about "separate" data
    2004-10-08 13:35:11  scottellsworth [View]

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