12 Steps to Improving Your Mac's Performance
Subject:   Defrag not necessary on OS X Panther
Date:   2004-07-17 10:40:10
From:   kelleherk
it seems this article was written for generic, even OS 9 and pre Panther OS Macs. I think the suggestions here are making more work for you than you need to worry about.

For example Step 1 defrag is not necessary in Panther since when a file is opened, if it is highly fragmented (ie. 8+ fragments) and the file is under 20MB in size, it will be automatically defragmented. This is accomplished by the file system just moving the file to a new location. This process only happens on Journaled HFS+ volumes which is default on Panther.

For Panther, keeping it running smooth and quick is easy.
When you sense the slowdown, do the following
1) Dump the data files you don't need and try to keep 10GB free on your drive to give the virtual memory swap files elbow room.
2) Set up a cron script once a week to repair permissions automatically
3) Use Cocktail to force prebinding the entire system every 3 months.
4) Restart your OS Panther machine at least once every three months.
5) Put as much memory as you possibly can into your OS X Mac.