Working with Tables: Writing an Address Book Application
Subject:   Why not this?
Date:   2001-08-15 13:59:43
From:   zootbobbalu
I know their are millions of ways to program the same
thing, so I know this will sound like critisism, but I
can't help myself :-)

What would the pitfalls be if you kept a running count
of the number of deletions and just subtracted this
number from the NSNumber that the NSEnumerator returns with the nextObject message?

It would look something like this:

NSEnumerator *enumerator = [tableView selectedRowEnumerator];
NSNumber *index;
int deletecount;
int modindex;

for (deletecount=0,(index= [enumerator nextObject]), deletecount++ ) {
modindex=[index intValue] - deletecount;
[records removeObjectAtIndex:modindex];

[tableView reloadData];

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