12 Steps to Improving Your Mac's Performance
Subject:   Easy, Easy, Easy...
Date:   2004-07-19 15:09:47
From:   derrick
C'mon guys, you've made your point. No need to beat on this article or author anymore.

I'd like to give you a bit of background here. Joli Ballew comes to Mac DevCenter by way of our publishing agreement with Paraglyph Press. They produce some pretty good books, but don't have the web sites, distribution contacts, etc. that O'Reilly has.

I just checked Amazon, and the book, Degunking Your Mac has a four star review with 5 out of 6 agreeing with it. So, it's not out of the ballpark here, right? The article has a few points that need clarification that we can handle in the TalkBacks.

Now I know this isn't standard Mac DevCenter fare. And it's my fault for not giving you a heads up in an Editor's Note about the content to follow. My bad, OK?

So let's ease up on Joli a bit, stay constructive, and help make the TalkBacks useful by clarifying the article.

Much thanks,


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  1. Easy, Easy, Easy...
    2004-07-19 16:39:07  cjunkie [View]

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      • O'Reilly = correct information
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