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  Deploying Web Applications to Tomcat
Subject:   Can Tomcat automatically recompile JSPs?
Date:   2001-08-16 04:33:31
From:   pjoanes
Response to: Can Tomcat automatically recompile JSPs?

For reliable recompilation of JSPs I've found tomcat 4 to be better than 3.2.x.
However your problem sounds more like maybe a timestamp/caching problem.
To stop browsers caching a page I put the following at the top:

<% response.setHeader("Cache-Control","no-cache"); //HTTP 1.1
response.setHeader("Pragma","no-cache"); //HTTP 1.0
response.setDateHeader ("Expires", -1); //prevents caching at the proxy
Hope this helps,

Peter Joanespjoanes@hotmail.com