PHP on Mac OS X
Subject:   vertical integration
Date:   2001-08-16 08:08:18
From:   weberik
Here's why I'm so excited about PHP on OS X. Finally we have one platform that can encompass the following:

1) Web architecting (using Create, Illustrator, OmniGraffle, etc.)

2) Front-end design (using Canvas, Flash, Dreamweaver, BBEdit, etc.)

3) Native development and testing of powerful dynamic web-building tools (PHP, Perl, Python, WebObjects!, FileMaker, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)

4) Seamless deployment on a server variant of the development platform (OS X Server) and other related platforms (Linux, the BSDs, Solaris) with minimal hassle.

This is an extremely compelling strength for OS X - one that I haven't read much about in the press. As a web developer, I'm very excited about having my Mac and having a BSD - all in the same machine, with the same OS.

Amazingling, the new Apple OS is more open and plays well with others far better than Microsoft's proprietary OSes. It's a judo move that Apple is only beginning to take advantage of right now, but will become more and more apparent as things progress.

The Mac is still seen as a machine for "niches" like education and graphic arts. But if Apple and its users continue to leverage the strengths of tools like PHP (which absolutely kicks ass), many who adopted Linux because of the wide range of tools it supports may be taking a closer look at the Mac. And those poor developers who are currently using ASP may wake up and smell the coffee - "Gee, I can use a Mac to do every aspect of development AND deployment, using a toolset that's easier, faster, and more capable than the pap Microsoft has been shoving down my throat."