12 Steps to Improving Your Mac's Performance
Subject:   Anti Viral and PRAM
Date:   2004-07-21 11:45:02
From:   peterbrodsky
In addition to the issues already mentioned, I think there is one big one and one little one that no one has commented on yet. Running anti-virus software on a Mac is in my opinion Gunkifying your Mac. Firstly, it causes your machine to slow down, and depending on what program you're using and how its setup, it can make life a living hell. Also, though, in the 12 years I've used a Mac, not once have I contracted a virus, both because there are so few out there, and because I exercise roughly the same amount of common sense even most newbies poses.
The "zap your PRAM" comment was also a strange one. Does the author know what's stored in the PRAM? This is a questionable practice, especially on desktop machines, and it certainly won't speed things up.