Inside SSH, Part 3
Subject:   Great Article...
Date:   2004-07-21 18:02:55
From:   spalmer
though I wish you would have written this about a year ago since it would have saved me a ton of research.

I also found some settings that you didn't mention in your article, AllowGroups and DenyGroups, which are similar to AllowUsers and DenyUsers except for groups.

Something you didn't mention for AllowUsers is that you can use wildcards in the host part, and you can use actual IP numbers. I set mine up to similar to the following example:

AllowUsers *@192.168.1.*
AllowGroups admin

These two lines combined will only allow admin users from the 192.168.1 subnet of my example network.

I had one question about public keys as well. If you plan on covering this in the next article I can wait to read it there. If I create my public/private key pair with a password on the private key and get these keys distributed to the correct locations can I then change the password on my private key after everything is correctly set up or will I have to create a new key pair with a new password?


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