Higher-Order Messages in Cocoa
Subject:   A couple of notes
Date:   2004-07-21 18:53:02
From:   iapole
Response to: A couple of notes

Well, talk about silly things. The article was posted and I immediately went on vacation, and on my return I received a couple of very polite e-mails mentioning my article and the fact that I totally forgot to mention your work.

Holy _cow_ am I ever sorry. To make it clear, I used MPWFoundation as a reference for my own trampolines implementation back in the day, and it was in fact your work that inspired me to come up with this. And I remembered that and planned to write about it but it slipped my mind. My deepest apologies Marcel, you deserve full credit for this.

As to Blocks/HOM, it may be my more recent experience with languages such as Io which blurred the line for me. You're perfectly right, but I've always seen Blocks as being inline methods, so it made sense to me.

Thank you very much for the correction and your patience! Your work on MPWFoundation opened a lot of conceptual doors for me.