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  The Return of the Blue Q
Subject:   Having trouble with frame grabbing (code from another article)
Date:   2004-07-22 10:27:30
From:   invalidname
Response to: Having trouble with frame grabbing (code from another article)

This is coming in a soon-to-be-announced QTJ book from O'Reilly (pause for effect of thundering applause), which I'm just now able to talk about. I'm trying to get the example code posted on an open-source site (probably java.net) ASAP.

Anyways, I did the QuickDraw chapter a few weeks ago. What you've done is shockingly close to something in the book.

Two catches:

  • you don't need to write the Picts to disk. Copy a Pict's bytes to a buffer that's 512 bytes larger, so you have a 512-byte header pad. Point the GraphicsImporter to that memory with setDataReference().
  • there are two GraphicsImporterDrawers. You seem to be picking up the deprecated one from quicktime.app.image (all of which is gone). Check your imports to make sure you're getting the new one from quicktime.app.view.

--Chris (invalidname)

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