12 Steps to Improving Your Mac's Performance
Subject:   DAMAGE is DONE!!!
Date:   2004-07-23 06:27:11
From:   ronosxspt
Hi all, the DAMAGE is DONE! The book is written and published. Unless you are willing to spread the word about the misinformation in this book, more users will be sucked into making their MACs run less than optimal for a price of $25.00. I am suspicious of the author's motives. It has been pointed out where the article has it many flaws, but yet she refuses to accept or embrace or inputs. She states, "While highly technical Mac users may not agree with some of my suggestions, I do believe that most Mac users will certainly benefit from them, especially the novices that will be purchasing the book...." Most of the flaws that are pointed out has nothing to do with whether you are an expert or a novice. The question is simply. Is the information correct or incorrect? Is what she saying logical or illogical as it pertains to MACs? Is the information useful or useless? If we deem that the information is incorrect, illogical, or useless, then YOU MUST REJECT IT on PRINCIPLE!

I wonder, is this something Microsoft put her up to do? Microsoft is a nasty company and will do anything to inject confusion into their competitors. What better way then to put out a book with misinformation.

We have all heard of the saying beware of a wolf in sheep clothing. Is this a case of a Microsoft user in Mac clothing?