12 Steps to Improving Your Mac's Performance
Subject:   Credentials?
Date:   2004-07-23 08:24:25
From:   mitchellsmith2
As both an OS X and Windows sysadmin, I'm mystified by this author's book, let alone the article. Doesn't MacDevCenter check these people out? What are Jodi's credentials?

Spyware, adware..on a Mac? Sorry Jodi, you must be thinking of Windows NT/2K/XP machines, which get so much of this stuff at work that we're routinely reconfiguring and ghosting several PCs per week.

Font removal? Are you kidding? Checking for corrupt fonts is always a good idea, but that's pretty tough (though not impossible for an experienced user) for a neophyte without some kind of font utility.

Defragging? How Windows can you get? As another poster pointed out, OS X automatically defrags files under many circumstances, so this is almost never necessary.

Jodi, would you PLEASE just stick to writing Windows books, and leave the Mac stuff to those who have the experience and knowledge? There are already several good technical OS X books out there; nobody needs another bad one, particularly one filled with so much misinformation which could lead unsuspecting OS X users to damage their systems.