Weblog:   PowerBook Setup App -- I Want This Utility!
Subject:   Hrm? Where is it?
Date:   2004-07-23 12:53:50
From:   alexjohnson
I just bought a new 15" Aluminum PowerBook two days ago. Brand new, straight from the Apple Store in Seattle (not used or refurb) and I didn't see that utility anywhere. Nowhere in the setup process did it ask me if I already had a Mac. I was kind of bummed that it didn't, because I had heard of this utility, but I figured, "ah well, must have been part of the Tiger preview or something".

For what it's worth, the software on my HD seemed incredibly outdated - iTunes 4.2? OS X 10.3.3? It all updated fine, but just seemed a little out of place. Perhaps mine was from an older HD image that didn't have that utility.

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  1. Hrm? Where is it?
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  2. Hrm? Where is it?
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