12 Steps to Improving Your Mac's Performance
Subject:   More specifics are definitely needed
Date:   2004-07-23 14:28:49
From:   ctb
With suggestions like "Maintain your Mac by checking for and repairing file system errors." and "Clean up your Mac by deleting library caches." there needs to be a more distinct suggestion made for users who don't understand what these mean.

For example, if Joli instead said "Maintain your Mac's hard disk by booting from your Mac OS X Install CD and running the Disk Utility on a monthly basis." would have been more specific and helpful. Also using other erroneous terms like "library caches" means nothing to regular end users. There are also many 3rd-party utilities (Cocktail, Font Cache Cleaner) that could be recommended to do these tasks, so that users aren't mucking up their own systems if they aren't familiar with the internals.

Also, when instructing users to clean up "font gunk", telling them which folders the fonts are located in, and what fonts they SHOULD NOT remove from the system, are both equally important. I have seen end users remove Helvetica.dfont from /System/Library/Fonts which then caused an array of strange behavior on their Mac. Same goes for LastResort.dfont, Keyboard.dfont and LucidaGrande.dfont.

This is an article with good intent, but needs to bulk up on the specifics!