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Weblog:   PowerBook Setup App -- I Want This Utility!
Subject:   PowerBook Upgrade
Date:   2004-07-23 16:23:46
From:   hanksdavey
Yes! I just finished upgrading my laptop from a 15" TiBook to an 15" AlBook using the import via FireWire on startup routine. I now a fully functional PowerBook to take on vacation tomorrow. Without this routine, I'd have spent about half my vacation loading software and configuring it to wok. Only one application failed to import: Stuffit. All of my files imported fine! Email and all applications had CORRECTLY configured themselves.


I agree, as an IT person I'd like to use it to configure computers for our company!!!

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  1. PowerBook Upgrade (More info)
    2004-07-25 21:13:16  hanksdavey [View]

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