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Subject:   Eh? What what?
Date:   2004-07-24 00:31:39
From:   sanchonevesgraca
Response to: Eh? What what?

The uptime for my Mac OS X server is months, often only restarted if there is an upgrade. Similarly for a Mac OS X computer used for software development, restarted more often just because there are more upgrades for this machine. It's completely unfounded to state that the stability of Mac OS X is equiparable to Windows 98. The likely reason for such misconception is that administration of Mac OS X requires UNIX skills to administer the BSD core. which is of course completely different from classic Mac (but is a welcome change). Reinstallation of the operating system (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, etc) or application server software (WebObjects, WebSphere, etc) is only necessary as a last resort and there are many issues to be checked and solved before reinstalling. But if some so-called system administrators are only familiar with package installation and rebooting, then reinstalling is their natural approach...

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