Weblog:   PowerBook Setup App -- I Want This Utility!
Subject:   Import from previous Mac
Date:   2004-07-24 01:28:49
From:   maximus
Absolutely: I upgraded from a 15" TiBook to a 17" AluBook and was pleasantly surprised I was asked whether I wanted to import settings from an existing Mac. I thought it was only available with the new G5.

I had sent Apple at the time feedback on how great it would be to have it as part of OS X installation. I guess they must have received tons of similar feedbacks.

Worked perfectly and I had the 17" ready in a very very short time. I have seen it on recent PB 15"s: was there on a new one arrived at a colleague's desk who switched from Windows but not on two other 15" PBs of colleagues who switched from Windows a couple months ago.

BTW, is it me or switchers now abounds: it is as with cherries, one brings another along the line. More and more I am contacted to help people choosing a configuration - I am the Mac guru here - and it is always "I have seen such-and-such with a Powerbook as well. If s/he moved then I have no reasons to fear and not switching myself.".

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  1. Import from previous Mac
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