Working with Tables: Writing an Address Book Application
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Date:   2001-08-16 22:33:37
From:   mikebeam
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That's weird that IB doesn't save the info. I've gotten it to work for me. Just a thought, did you press enter or click on another field after entering the autosave name before you saved the nib file? I had this problem when i was first learning how to tables and the column identifiers would never stick b/c i would type the name and then click another column header to do it again.

If you want to set a table view's autosave name programatically, i think the best place to do this would be in awakeFromNib or whatever initialization method you use.

You can also do the same thing for windows. If you look at a window's attributes in the info panel, you will notice a field for the window's title, and a seperate one for the window's name. The name they speak of here is an autosave name, and by giving it a name you're application will rememeber window size and position between launches.


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