Apache Web Serving with Jaguar, Part 4
Subject:   Problems with .htaccess
Date:   2004-07-24 18:41:54
From:   mel_david
OK, I have so far followed all the tutorials from Part 1 to half-way through Part 4 without any problems.

Then when .htaccess files were introducedand I kept getting errors.

I had made the .htaccess file for a directory using BBEdit and once I'd renamed the file from htaccess to .htaccess and tried to access that direcoty via my browser I get an internal server error. This infuriated me for hours and was about to give up on the whole tutorial altogether. My affair with Apache was going to be short-lived, or so I thought.


Then as a last measure, I rewrote the .htaccess file from scratch using TextEdit and the "Make Plain Text" option, and renamed it in the Terminal. Voila it now works. I was able to get Password Authentication to finally work as well as other directives such as ErrorDocument.

*dances around the room with glee*

What I want to know though is why can't I use BBEdit to make a working .htaccess file? It seems the problem is that Apache it is not recognising line breaks from .htaccess files made by BBEdit.

Could somebody please explain why. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Problems with .htaccess
    2004-07-25 19:27:13  mel_david [View]

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