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Subject:   Builds failing
Date:   2004-07-24 21:51:44
From:   qu1j0t3
Response to: Builds failing

In my experience the cause of this type of failure, under OS X, is bad RAM. Compilers exercise memory more than most other workloads, and have many built-in integrity checks on their data structures (unlike many applications and even filesystems). Compilers also have a very high memory and CPU utilisation. For all these reasons memory problems are likely to be exposed this way and your symptoms strongly suggest this is the culprit.

Try Charles Cazabon's memtester. I have used this tool to confirm memory problems after seeing otherwise inexplicable CodeWarrior and gcc compile crashes. (You should run this tool in single user mode, and do not attempt to test more than about 90% of RAM as this will fatally starve the Darwin VM system.)

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  1. memtest for OS X
    2004-07-26 17:06:18  hayne [View]

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