OS 9, Mine, All Mine
Subject:   Horses for courses
Date:   2004-07-26 03:06:43
From:   gilest
Response to: Horses for courses

I disagree, sngraca. I think children benefit from limited use of any computer system while they are still pre-school age; at least it gets the used to the concept of a computer, a keyboard and a mouse. My two-year-old can already pick out the letter B thanks to learning it from my computer keyboard!

And older children should be exposed to a variety of computers, too, just so they understand that computers are varied! Most schools (here in the UK, at any rate) tend to teach a limited range of IT skills, usually on Windows networks. When my son is old enough to go to school, I want him to know that Windows is just one choice among many.

The computer I'm using to type this post now will be ancient history by then (hey, it's a G3 iBook, it's almost ancient history *now*) but I hope he will be able to tinker with it and get a feel for how computers have changed since he was born.

Heh, he'll also be able to play with my super-cheap NeXTStation too, and find out how computers have changed since *before* he was born :)