Rootless X Server on Mac OS X
Subject:   Works nice with enlightenment
Date:   2001-08-17 23:10:14
From:   sbeam
hi - I just loaded the binary patch over my XFree86 4.1, XDarwin version. I did this somewhat cautiously from the contents of the tar file, after making appropriate backups.

cp -r ./usr/X11R6/bin/* /usr/usr/X11R6/bin
cp -r ./usr/X11R6/lib/* /usr/usr/X11R6/lib
cp -r ./Applications/* /Applications

I clicked on the old XDarwin icon in the doc and the X intro screen came up as described in the article.

I then launched into the enlightenment window manager. It looks very nice and is very well behaved, including the multiple desktop support. It looks really great, and I even ran an OpenGL app from an SGI at work displaying on my home mac in X. BTW, the patch seems to include openGL libraries that were not present in the original 4.1 distribution.


- I can't seem to get to the control menus in rootless mode (too bad but not essential)
- I have two monitors, but I can't move a window onto the second monitor.
- The first time I launched enlightenment placed a large root window on the second monitor. This did not occur on subsequent launches.

So I'd suggest enlightenment as a rootless X window manager.