Weblog:   PowerBook Setup App -- I Want This Utility!
Subject:   Setup App
Date:   2004-07-27 13:02:11
From:   dicklacara1

It is there (Utilities folder) on Tiger, but not there on Panther or Panther server.

I suspect that Apple includes it on new OS X disks, (that you get with a new computer), but didn't feel it was necessary in the automatic software update (because you had already migrated).

It is likely that a new version will come with each new version of the OS.

Or maybe it was just an oversight, by Apple.

It appears that several (maybe lots) of us were instrumental in Apple publishing this. I submitted a request to Apple via email and directly to a Support rep -- I had jus t bought a 17" alBook and it took me several days to migrate ( and I missed a few things).

I called Apple Support, explained the problem and asked what Steve did when HE got a new computer!