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Subject:   Mac OS frightens me
Date:   2004-07-28 09:01:49
From:   clvrmnky

As a "cross-platform" developer myself, being confronted with Mac OS would frighten me. It's probably just OS chauvinism, but I do not consider Mac OS a "real" operating system.

Developing on something without real memory protection and no real kernel sounds like no fun at all. Not without a hardware debugger, anyway.

Watching Mac OS 8.x on a top of the line box completely lock up the UI (until I got bored and walked away) when the salesperson launched an application convinced me years ago that Mac OS was hardly ready as a development platform. Not for me, anyway. Either give me a true threaded interface, or give me a POSIX shell and get out of my way. Stock Mac OS has neither of these things.

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  1. Mac OS frightens me
    2004-07-28 13:53:20  dhale [View]

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