Corel's Comeback: What's .NET's Role?
Subject:   Dance with the Devil
Date:   2001-08-19 12:17:52
From:   startux
This is such a "go-happy" article. I am very skeptical that MSFT and Open Source can co-exist as MS has yet to stop its FUD campaign against Linux (by attacking the GPL).

They maybe making sweet overtones now, but we know MS likes to suddenly change formats on a seconds notice, especially if Open Source starts to win out. Then it'll be catch up, but if MSFT refused to reveal what they done its not going to be easy to reverse engineer. Especially considering the DMCA.

As for Winux, never going to happen. Its brings credance to MSFT's worst enemy; Linux. I'd like them to include a Linux version of WMP with an Ogg capable playback, but again thats not ever going to happen for quite sometime.

If .NET fails (which could happen, not that many people trust giving out CC numbers and would never want them saved on a computer) then its going to hurt MSFT a lot more than any Open Source community.

MSFT have two issues...

1. The court case, any stay of execution has been rejected, they have been found guilty and now must await sentence. Who knows what this could be..Might be worse than breakup (which I do not personally agree with btw).

2. .NET, if this fails too you're looking at something very bad indeed for Microsoft. At which point would it be considered a success?

Just my opinions of course.