OS 9, Mine, All Mine
Subject:   Mac OS frightens me
Date:   2004-07-28 13:53:20
From:   dhale
Response to: Mac OS frightens me

Developing on something without real memory protection and no real kernel sounds like no fun at all.

It gather it wasn't. Few still do.

Watching Mac OS 8.x on a top of the line box completely lock up the UI (until I got bored and walked away) when the salesperson launched an application convinced me years ago that Mac OS was hardly ready as a development platform. Not for me, anyway. Either give me a true threaded interface, or give me a POSIX shell and get out of my way. Stock Mac OS has neither of these things.

This is like complaining that the Ford Falcon is deficient in crash safety and tailpipe emissions. When compared to modern cars, that's true!

Fortunately, the MacOS - the original - like the Falcon, is not a current offering. Apple is happy to sell you Mac OS X, which has (much) POSIX compliance, memory protection, and a real kernel; so too Ford will sell you a Focus, which knocks the Falcon flat in every category (except looks).