Inventing the Future
Subject:   Open Source Neighborhood Area Networks
Date:   2004-07-29 09:38:07
From:   TSUM
There are two areas where Open Source can really
help: lock-in by corporations and lock-down by agencies of government. Both are barries to open
source software, open architecture hardware, open spectrum and open Web portal sites with a search engine.

How often is the common good of Open violated by lock-in and lock-down? How can these be buy-passed? It goes back to the absolutes of community:

need into equity vs profits through firing
power into parity vs debt prosperity taxes
greed into charity vs racial and religous bigotry
isoaltion into unity vs media cartel immorality

These parallel open source software (Open Office), open architecture hardware (Intel), open spectrum (Wi-Fi to WiMAX) and open Web portal sites (Apache) with an open search engine.

One OS Linspire
One IP v 6
One My SQL
One geo/bar codes
One Office Suite (mutual benefits)
One Browser (distance learning)
One Groupware (hands-up)
One Web Site with a search engine (shared responsibility)

One philosophy: doing more with less, faster and better from wider and deeper resources for fewer,
but better and durable choices: standardization for integration leading to interoperability and

One Wi-Fi leading to WiMax (neighborhood area network) that can be backed-up with portable, solar and propane generators for a manmade, technological or natural disaster - including terrorist events.

Where is this applied?

mutual benefits: skills sessions, buying/barter club, debit/savings union (earning productivity)
(need into equity)

distance learning: mixed-media library curriculum with on-line, mentor-tutors
(learning productivity) (power into parity)

hands-up: cultual literacy meals with a voting-
record/direct democracy society (caring productivity) (greed into charity)

shared responsibility: desktop production and distribution of strong, moral content (sharing
productivity) (isolation into unity)

This can start from the bottom-up, households,
places of worship, schools and small businesses
as the member-owern-subcribers of an Open Source
Neighborhood Area Network (NAN). The real bottom
is a home-based, in-sourcing, opportunity society
that integrates work (Guild) with parenthood (Academy) and civic life (Councils), electronically (Co-op) (Home Area Work) leading to a NAN:

1) parents (unity) (Web site + search engine)
2) minsters (charity)(groupware)
3) educators (parity) (browser)
4) proprietors (equity)(office suite)

The USA as the largest debtor-nation (corporate,
government, financial, mortgage, consumer and foreign) better wake-up to this. Consider the following:

1) manufacturing and tech-telecom recessions
2) energy crisis with black-outs and rising prices
3) pandemics with a drought and wildfires
4) from debt to faud to bankruptcies to federal,
state, county, municipal and foundation
cutbacks (Red Cross, Salvation Army, United
5) a war against terrorism
6) lost jobs, lost benefits,lost retirements lost
savings, lost homes
7) a consumer religion enforced by an
entertainment ethic with cheap sex, violence
and a dehumanzing, anti-moral agenda

Are China, India, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and
others beating the USA in the marketplace because they are using open source software, open architecture hardware, open spectrum and open portabl Web sites with an open search engine?

Tom Ridge says this: "We must do things differently then in the past and go into unchartered waters, where a Nation survives from
the bottom-up and where citizens must partner together for their own safety: Open Source
Neibhborhood Network: parents, ministers, edcators, proprietors, Red Cross, Salvation Army,
United Way, National Guard, law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs and E.R. physicians:

Guild: proprietors + firefighers + United Way

Academy: educators + E.R. physcians + Red
Cross (WE211)

Councils: ministers + law enforcement +
Salvation Army (WE911)

Co-op: parents + EMTs + citizen-soldier
households of the National Guard (WE211)

Where is a place to begin a NAN? Consider the following:

1) copper wire line (fixed)
2) DSL + Wi-Fi modem + router(fixed)
3) Desktop PC Hub with fast Ethernet card
4) Notebook PC Work-Base Station with built-in
Wi-Fi (portable)
5) PDA-Phone + SD Wi-Fi card (mobile)

All of these can be found in homes, places of worship, schools, and small businesses.

Yes, PDA-Phones that can move from Wi-Fi to
cellular and from cellular to Wi-Fi.

Open Source needs to find a future for the Common Good based on standardization, intergration, interoperability and affordability. China, India, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and others are finding a way to do this and not with a consumer religion enforced by an entertainment ethic with cheap sex, violence and a dehuanizing, anti-moral hidden agenda.

Remember, Asia and Europe are ahead of the USA based on "Open" and not "Lock-In" and "Lock-Down."

Civic Virtue Network Advocate