Weblog:   Bluetooth Phones and Mac OS X in Perfect Sync
Subject:   Supported Phones
Date:   2004-08-01 06:53:44
From:   liberty911
Response to: Supported Phones

long story.
switched to mac from pc
asked mac about connectivity
told to buy a bluetooth enabled phone.

called att. asked them to recomend a bluetooth phone to sync contacts and calendar with my mac
att recomends and sells me nokia 6820

sync fails. call mac support. refer me to phone manufacturer

nokia "we do not have any phones that support mac"

contact mac. again send me to phone manufacturer.

contact att and ask about the compatibility of my mac and 6820. "contact nokia support"

this has been ongoing since june.

searched the internet and I FOUND the site that lists compatible phones (on mac's site)

call nokia and ask about phones on the list "nokia does not support mac os

contact bluetooth. no reply

call motorola and ask for a phone that is bluetooth compatible with mac. "motorola does not support mac"

contact mac and they offer me free software.

contact nokia and they tell me to buy all the phones on the list and see if any of them work

contact mac and they offer NO GUARANTIES that they can connect the devices....then they offer me free software, not for my problem, just to make me go away.

walked back into the mac store where i purchased my powerbook g4. asked a salesperson as i showed him my 6820 to show me a computer that i could isync to this phone. answer "if it has bluetooth, any computer will work"

now, i have a $400. phone that i can no longer return.
a computer that cannot provide me with the mobile info i need, and a contract with att that is too costly to break!

i smell a class action suit!