Inside SSH, Part 3
Subject:   Does Finder do ssh correctly?
Date:   2004-08-02 12:44:57
From:   F.J.
Response to: Does Finder do ssh correctly?

Hi !

SSH, as a command-line tool, requires that you use the Terminal in order to connect to a remote server. In order to transfer data through SSH by using a GUI, you may want to look at third-party applications like Fugu (

The message you see is likely to appear when you use the "Connect to server" menu, available through the Finder. However, by using it, you are establishing an AFP connection : the Finder is merely informing you that the computer to which you are connecting does not support SSH tunneling for the AFP connection. Unless you are establishing a connection to a specially configured AFP server, this is expected behavior and does not indicate an issue.

Let me know if this helps!


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  1. Does Finder do ssh correctly?
    2004-08-02 13:44:41  kao [View]

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