21.5 Things You Can Do with Office 2004
Subject:   Microsoft "Quality"
Date:   2004-08-04 06:04:44
From:   mikeunicode
Great Article. Thanks.

However, let's not forget this is software from Microsoft, not Apple. So, don't expect the "it just works" mentality, rather the "cheapest software money can buy" attitude.

The new Notebook view.
Tested? Debugged? Nope.
Titles don't line up, or after being fixed, don't stay lined up.
Copy and Pasting a large amount of text will "Freeze" the app.
So, copy dainty little pieces of data into it, for your own good.

This quality thing kills me.
You get a real picture into how Microsoft develops it's products.
"Wow, that first page of Notebook view really looks cool."
And that's it. NO ONE at Microsoft tries to use a Notebook view with 10 pages of data? And if they did, and reported the problems, No One at Microsoft Bothered to Fix It.

I just can't get how these guys can parade Notebook view for 6 months and No One niticed it didn't work?
Microsoft on the Enterprise?, Please.

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