Corel's Comeback: What's .NET's Role?
Subject:   No, thanks
Date:   2001-08-21 14:38:00
From:   ipokorny
I purchased Microsoft Visual, version beta 2 and obtained it yesterday. I spend about 7 hours installing it to a very clear Win 2000 system without any success - I was even showed a windows where were written to stop the only running program - the installer - to finish installing successfuly during the instalion. The result - a mess in registers.
No, thanks. I don't want to have anything common with Microsoft develompent tools. Too complicate, too unstable and too depending on installed software.
I don't want to hear about mslinux that is better with a c# only language and much improved for $500 a year.



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  1. No, thanks
    2001-12-21 09:42:45  tiry [View]

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