21.5 Things You Can Do with Office 2004
Subject:   Microsoft "Quality"
Date:   2004-08-04 11:53:07
From:   terceiro
Response to: Microsoft "Quality"

Whoa nelly. Ya know, it's about as bad to accuse MS of not testing their software as to presume that your experience is universal. It's not bug-free, but it ain't as bad as all that.

I found notebook view to have some bugs and wasn't the most responsive, but it was very useful anyway. I had a document with a dozen sections and was over 40 pages long: worked like a champ. Well, a slow champ. But better for me than shelling out the dough for CircusPonies or something.

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  1. huh?
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  2. Microsoft "Quality"
    2004-08-04 13:49:13  mikeunicode [View]

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